Anapen Poster for First Aid Trainers

> Download A4 Poster Resource Here <

Above you will find a link to an A4 poster showing the Anapen Range. This was designed following feedback from First Aid trainers who mentioned they are often not able to show the “real pens” whilst teaching.

There was interest in having a one-page pictorial showcasing the “real” pen – trainers could then show students this alongside the training devices.

Trainer Anapens are purposely plain ( important so they are not mixed up during an emergency).

This resource has been distributed with permission from Amanda Noom, National Anapen Training Manager who can be contacted via email at or 0452 044 439 for hard copies of this resource. 

Purchasing Anapen and EpiPen Trainers

Both Anapen and EpiPen training devices can be purchased online via our online store.  Follow the links below.