At the 2017 National First Aid Trainers Conference, a presentation by The Asthma Foundations training manager provided advice regarding the assessment of Asthma management in the first aid units. The assessment of Asthma management skills includes the use of an Asthma puffer and spacer, not simply a simulation whereby the learner places the spacer next to the patients face.

This lead to further discussion regarding the financial implications on training providers. The Asthma Foundation advised that their training practices include providing each learner with their own spacer which is used during training and then taken by the learner following training. Even purchased in bulk, these spacer devices would cost around the $7.00 mark each, which for small training providers and RTOs is a significant expense.

Over the last month, we have spent time speaking with distributors of Asthma spacer products and have trialled several devices. We have found that one of the most cost-effective way to meet the assessment requirements for Asthma in the first aid units is to use a placebo puffer, reusable spacer device with a disposable mouthpiece for each learner.

When purchased through the NIFAT website, the members pricing is shown below.

Able Aerosol Chamber – $14.00 each

Able Aerosol Chamber

Disposable Cardboard Mouthpiece Box 200 – $51.00

Box 200 Cardboard Disposable Spacer Mouthpiece (Fits Able Universal Aerosol Chamber & Volumatic Spacers)

Placebo Asthma Puffer – $5.95 each

Placebo Asthma Puffer

Please note that the disposable cardboard mouthpiece is only suitable for use with the Able Aerosol Chamber and Volumatic Spacers.

Presentations from the 2017 National First Aid Trainers Conference will be available for purchase in the coming days.