Thank you to Grant for submitting the following question:

I am currently a co-provider with an RTO in NSW and I’m considering changing to a new RTO. My current RTO allows my company logo and contact details to be added to statements. The RTO I am considering changing to does not include these details on their statements. From a compliance perspective are these details allowed to be included on statement of attainments?

Reply by Andy Panes – General Manager (NIFAT)

Hi Grant, thank you for your question.

This is actually a difficult one to answer as different people have different opinions on this issue. I have sought further information from ASQA and the NSSC.

The first consideration is whether the lead RTO offers this service as part of the partnership agreement. Regardless of whether its ‘allowed’, RTO’s can make their own decision on including such details. From a risk management perspective many RTO’s would not consider adding additional information to the statement of attainment.

From a compliance perspective here is the response from ASQA via  received on 07/05/2014.

ASQA advises that the AQF Qualifications Issuance Policy with which an RTO must comply, states that the testamur must have sufficient information to ensure that it is able to be authenticated and to reduce fraudulent use.  It goes on to state that the testamur will contain sufficient information to identify correctly the “issuing organisation” and “the person in the organisation authorised to issue the documentation”. 

The issuing organisation is the RTO.  It is authorised by its registration approval to issue the AQF qualification.  The RTO must be identified and the person from the RTO who is authorised must also be clear. 

The AQF Qualifications Issuance Policy is silent on the inclusion of additional information about other organisations on testamurs delivering on behalf of the RTO being included. Therefore, there is no authority for determining an RTO not compliant for doing so.

Misrepresentation of the unregistered organisation as a registered training organisation is to be avoided. The NVR Act prescribes offences relating to misrepresentation.

Always take guidance from your RTO as ultimately they are responsible for issuing the statement/qualification.

I hope this answers your question and feel free to contact us should you have any further queries on this matter.