The following information has been received by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (State Government Victoria)

On 27 February 2014 the Hon. Martin Dixon MP. Minister for Education approved Ministerial Order 706: Anaphylaxis Management in Victorian Schools, which comes into effect on 22 April 2014 and will repeal Ministerial Order 90.

Registered Training Organisations that deliver anaphylaxis management training to Victorian schools are encouraged to review course materials to ensure they comply with the new requirements.

Ministerial Order 706 sets out clearly the steps schools must take to ensure the safety of students at risk of anaphylaxis in their care. These requirements will form the basis of a minimum standard for school registration.

To support the implementation of Ministerial Order 706, the department has also revised its Anaphylaxis Guidelines to ensure consistent content and alignment. To view ministerial Order 706 and the associated guidelines, go to the department’s Anaphylaxis management in Schools website: