On 04/06/2014 RTO’s received the following information from ASQA.

This email is to notify you that the end of the transition period for the units listed in Column A below has been extended until the 30th October 2014. As you currently have one or more of these units of competency explicitly listed on your scope of registration this extension has been applied to your RTO’s records.

Column A


Superseded unit code

Superseded unit title Column B


Replacement Units

HLTFA211A Provide basic emergency life support HLTAID002
HLTFA311A Apply first aid HLTAID003
HLTFA302C Provide first aid in remote situation HLTAID005
HLTFA412A Apply advanced first aid HLTAID006
HLTFA404C Apply advanced resuscitation techniques HLTAID007

ASQA’s decision to extend the transition date in this case is based on the following:

1. Recent advice from the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council that the HLT units (listed above in Column B) are currently under review which will not have been completed by the expiry of the column A units’ transition date of 30 June 2014; and
2. Many of the units in Column A were not formally superseded on the national register by those in column B until 31 October 2013, despite having been endorsed some months earlier.

Whilst the effective date for transition has been altered due to these exceptional circumstances, this does not represent any change to ASQA’s General Direction: Transition and Teach out which you must comply with at all times.

If you do not wish to take advantage of this extended transition period (i.e. you no longer intend to offer the unit/s for which this extension has been automatically granted) you should lodge an application in ASQAnet to remove the relevant superseded unit/s of competency from your scope. Applications to remove items from a provider’s scope of registration are free.

If you require further clarification regarding the advice in this email e.g. how it will affect your scope and/or transition and teach out queries, please contact ASQA INFOLINE on 1300 701 801 or email enquiries@asqa.gov.au

Any questions regarding the review of the First Aid units or feedback regarding the content of these units should be directed to Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council at cip@cshisc.com.au