The National Institute of First Aid Trainers is pleased to announce our successful nomination for inclusion on the First Aid Industry Reference Committee (IRC).

What is an Industry Reference Committee (IRC)?

Industry Reference Committees drive the process of training package development. They are made up of people with experience, skills, and knowledge of their particular industry sector.

It’s their job to ensure training packages address the needs and concerns of employers, employees, those who provide training and those seeking its benefits. It’s a role they take very seriously.

Finally, IRCs are supported by independent and professional Skills Service Organisations (SSOs), which are also a key access point for industry stakeholders wishing to play a part in training package development.

In January 2017 the National Institute of First Aid Trainers submitted a nomination to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee for inclusion on the First Aid IRC. A number of letters of support by organisations from across Australia were included in the nomination and on 24 April 2017, notification of inclusion was received. General Manager Andy Panes will represent NIFAT on the First Aid IRC.

The first meeting of the new IRC will be scheduled in the coming months. This meeting will include;

  • the orientation of all members
  • electing the Chair and Deputy Chair
  • reviewing the IRC Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work and training package development work going forward.

NIFAT will be looking to use feedback from first aid providers when making recommendations to the First Aid IRC in the future. 

Watch this space…