Gold Sponsor

ABC First Aid is proud to be the Gold sponsor at the 2024 National First Aid Trainers  Conference. With nearly two decades in the industry, we have grown our brand recognition significantly as a reputable First Aid training organisation, solely delivering First Aid training through our partners.

We value our partners’ dedication to building and maintaining their businesses. Therefore from the outset, we made a commitment not to compete with our partners, and this commitment remains our cornerstone. We focus our time and resources on enhancing our partners’ businesses by providing a platform for student enrolments – marketed by us, conducting regular professional development workshops, and ensuring quality and compliant training resources.

Our approach revolves around three core objectives to effectively support each Partnership in their success:

Support – support is our top priority when it comes to assisting our partners. We are committed to responding promptly to partner queries, and we offer a dedicated partnership manager to aid in professional development opportunities and business growth for our partners.

Strategy – strategising the development of marketing plans and SEO campaigns to boost student enrolments for our partners. Every visitor to the ABC student booking website, can view and enrol in our partners’ public courses.

Simplistic – a simple yet robust student/learning management system empowers our partners to focus on their core strengths—delivering training—without being burdened by cumbersome administrative duties. With a 5-star Google rating from hundreds of students, our system is consistently lauded for its user-friendly interface and informative content. The inclusion of highly engaging and educational videos featuring our training partners enhances the overall learning experience for students, which in turn increases our partner’s branding following a quality experience.

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