Thank you to Sue for submitting the following question:

If we have recently (March 2014) issued an Apply First Aid (HLTFA311A) certificate to a student and they now require a Provide First Aid (HLTAID003) certificate, can we issue this without any further training?

Reply by Andy Panes – General Manager (NIFAT)

Hi Sue and thanks for your question. The units you mentioned in your question (HLTFA311A & HLTAID003) are not equivalent units. This means that each unit has different requirements. Although it may appear as though the skills and knowledge that you teach during the training has not changed much, the assessment requirements have. CSHISC decided that the differences are so that the competency achieved in one unit is not sufficient to cover the competency requirements of the other.

So where do you go from here?

There are two main options available,

1. The student undertakes full training and assessment in the new unit (not desirable by the student I’m sure)

2. Undertake a gap analysis and map the elements, performance criteria, performance evidence and knowledge evidence the student has already demonstrated and provide training and assessment in those which were not covered in HLTFA311A.

The CSHISC First Aid Guide Companion Volume provides further information on mapping HLTFA311A to HLTAID003.

I hope this information helps.