Thank you to Murray for submitting the following question:

I am having some resistance to viewing personal ID at the beginning of class . How and where do we stand legally asking for this info. I believe we should see ID (drivers licence etc) prior to class beginning.

Reply by Angela Mcgregor-Goodwin – RTO Consultant

Hi Murray, thank you for your question.

I would recommend that the student be advised prior to coming to the class of the need to view ID (maybe via email) and the reason behind this requirement.  That is the need to confirm that the person receiving the statement of attainment is the person who attended the training and completed the assessment.

I would also include the information in the pre enrolment information being sent out to students before they enrol, such as a Student Handbook. Additionally I would then create a power point slide that is shown at the beginning of the session, maybe even as the students enter the room, reminding students of this requirement.

If you have any further queries please let me know.