2022 National First Aid Trainers Conference
Bronze Sponsor – aXcelerate

aXcelerate is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor of the National First Aid Trainers Conference. aXcelerate is an award-winning student and learning management software provider trusted by over 1,000 training organisations Australia-wide. aXcelerate manages the end-to-end training process in a single platform, managing over a million first aid enrolments per year by over 300 training providers.

We understand that first aid providers need to deliver a world-class training experience from enrolment to completion. The aXcelerate system allows you to capture new learners with integrated online enrolments for both public and private/corporate courses. You can then easily manage your high-volume short courses with bulk course duplication and update tools with a centralised calendar that integrates with Google.

aXcelerate’s built-in Learning Management System (LMS) also allows you to manage and deliver beautiful online learning and assessment with student experience at the forefront. Allow learners to undertake pre-course learning and theory assessments via our mobile-responsive Learner Portal. Our online/offline Trainer App (available in iOS and Android App Stores) lets you ditch the paper and clipboard and capture evidence in real-time for practical observation checklists.

aXcelerate’s workflow automation capabilities allows your RTO to easily stay connected with your learners and alumni. Save time and automate everything from course reminders to refresher training reminders based on unit expiries, sending surveys, certificates and more.

If your RTO delivers training via third-party training organisations, make partner management a breeze using our Partner Portal.

To learn more about how aXcelerate can increase efficiencies for your team, book a demo with one of our helpful Sales Executives here.