Emergency Tourniquet Trainer – Leg

TraumaSim® Emergency Tourniquet Trainer

$1,456.00 inc gst


The TraumaSim® Emergency Tourniquet Trainers silicone wound and bleeding artery increases realism to improve trainee skill and confidence under pressure.

It is a simulated thigh or upper arm with realistic wounds connected to a pump. Simulated blood flowing from the wound is stopped when the tourniquet is correctly applied. The fleshy wound end can also be used to demonstrate and practice stump dressing technique.


  • Simulated Leg with amputation
  • Silicone skin and urethane bone
  • Rugged construction for field use
  • Packed in a rigid plastic trunk
  • All tubing and fittings required
  • 5 litre manual pressure pump
  • PVC sheet for table protection
  • Bench clamps

Additional information

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 45 × 31 cm